Why you need NAD+

NAD+ is described as the “miracle molecule” for good reasons.  The benefits are so great and numerous, on each and all body organs that you have to ask yourself what are you waiting for? We are happy to be able to offer the best prices for IV NAD+ to help as many as possible improve health and brain function.


Mitochondria is the energy plant of the cell and NAD+ is absolutely indispensable when it comes to energy production.  Do not think of energy simply as the energy you experience as enhanced mental acuity or body energy, energy is also needed for the existence of all  functions in the body.  When this process is impaired, the overall function of the cell goes haywire.  Production of vital components and the waste/toxins elimination slows down.  Energy goes down.  Processes causing or sustaining disease are enhanced.  The DNA repair is eliminated. Aging is accelerated.

Healthy NAD+levels equal bright mind and healthy, youthful body.  Try it today.

Evidence shows illnesses like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are correlated to mitochondrial dysfunction.

All the food you eat, no matter the quality, will do nothing for you without NAD+

Here is how NAD+ helps you stay mentally focused, healthy, have lots of energy and manage aging in addition to maintaining the mitochondria function:

  • protects length of Telomeres by helping sirtuins proteins work. Short length of telomeres correlate to illness and aging
  • protect cells from stress and in studies stressed cells were less likely to die under stress conditions.
  • enhances the DNA repair process

What to do about increasing the NAD+ levels?  Intermittent fasting and keto diet can help increase levels of NAD+.  There are several supplements on the market claiming to help increase NAD+ levels but IV NAD+ remains the best and proven way to boost and sustain healthy NAD+ levels.  I personally tried several supplements and compounded NAD+ products including nasal sprays and I can tell with no uncertainty that the effect I experienced was mild at best and very short lived.  Yet, the cost is significant for these products. 

At Bionuu we are happy to be able to offer great prices for IV NAD+, including package prices.  Call us today to start your IV NAD+ treatments.