Why Women Don’t Know About Perimenopause

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Did your mother talk to you about perimenopause? Probably not. Most women currently going through perimenopause had mothers who just didn’t talk about feminine reproductive health. Their mothers didn’t tell them either, so they may not have had the information to give. 

Our mothers and grandmothers lived in a much different time — a time when women were supposed to be ashamed and tried to hide when they were on their period. It was a time when talking about anything related to sex or genitals was considered so taboo you couldn’t even talk about it privately with your daughter.

There are, of course, women whose mothers were much more open and honest about such matters, and they are a step ahead of others who did not have that education. But even if your mother tried to prepare you, perimenopause is different for everyone and you may not realize when you are entering this phase of your life.

Most mature women did not have a real sex education either. High school sex ed classes were either nonexistent in their school, or the class was so general and vague that it did little to truly educate anyone about their bodies. Even when you learned about your period or saw a gynecologist for the first time, no one probably thought to educate you about your body.

In the last decade women have gotten more and more outspoken about reproductive health, and there are many support groups to help you feel less alone. Our daughters will not have to worry about being unprepared for perimenopause, but education about women’s reproductive health is still far too scarce.

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