Why Hormone Therapy Is Important for Men

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Menopause used to be a taboo subject, but now it is talked about so much that even men know that women need hormones at a certain stage in life. But these same men don’t realize that hormones play an important role in their own physical and sexual health.

In fact, many men also experience a decrease in sexual hormones as they age. While some men can have high testosterone levels into their upper 70s, most men start to see a decline in this hormone starting in their 40s. The decrease might be slow at first, and you might not see it as a real problem for a decade or more after the symptoms first start.

Even though low testosterone is a common problem, it is still rarely talked about. Men have yet to get over their embarrassment over this issue, and they are not as open as women about their aging bodies. 

The fact that men are silent in this is very much responsible for many men being uneducated as to what is happening to their body, why, what they can do about it, and what it means for their future.

Men don’t just need hormone therapy for embarrassing erectile dysfunction issues. Having low testosterone can also affect your ability to build or maintain muscle mass, make you feel more fatigued than usual, and cause your mood to be irritable and anger easily triggered.

If you are interested in learning how testosterone works to remedy these and other issues, contact us today to schedule an appointment.