What is a Microcurrent Face Lift and What to Expect

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If you have noticed sagging in your features, or the appearance of lines and wrinkles, you might be considering a face lift. Instead of going through a complex surgery, there is a minimally invasive facial that can help you achieve results without surgery or downtime. A Microcurrent face lift is a special type of facial that firms and tightens the skin, while minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

What is Microcurrent Face Lift

A microcurrent face lift is achieved with a special device that sends microcurrents of energy into the deep tissues of the face and skin. These microcurrents do several things. First, they stimulate adenosine triphosphate, which in turn triggers the body’s natural collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are the two components of the body that help keep skin firm, tight, and wrinkle free. Collagen and elastin decrease in the body naturally over time, and this treatment helps to boost it.

Second, the microcurrent facelift is like a gym workout for your facial muscles. Because your facial muscles will be stronger and more firm, your face will in turn show some improvements in lines and wrinkles. Finally, the microcurrent facelift will give your skin a fresh and youthful look.

Treatment Plan

It is important to understand what your treatment plan will be before starting the process. Most clients benefit from eight treatments twice a week for four weeks. Some clients may need more aggressive treatment to see true results, such as sixteen treatments twice a week for eight weeks. You will also want to do monthly maintenance treatments, as gravity never stops working.

What to Expect from Your Treatment

You will begin to notice results within your first few treatments, although you will not be able to see the final results until you have had eight to sixteen treatments. Each treatment takes less than an hour, with no downtime or recovery period. During the treatment, the special device will be applied to your face in a gentle and soothing motion. You may have mild discomfort, but there is no pain involved.

If you are interested in trying the microcurrent face lift for yourself, contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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