If you’ve struggled with your body image and have trouble feeling satisfied when you look in the mirror, you aren’t alone. 

Even with careful dietary monitoring and a strict fitness regimen, many people struggle to lose weight. But when you partner with Bionuu on your weight loss journey, you’ll find a better, more efficient path to your wellness goals. 

At Bionuu, we understand the physical and mental hurdles that must be overcome to lose weight. We’ll incorporate these factors into your weight loss treatment plan to make lasting, remarkable results possible. 

We’ll support you in every aspect of weight loss as you work towards your goal. From medical weight loss intervention to hormone treatment and emotional support, we’ll give you the tools that you need to handle the road ahead. 

Genetic Testing for Weight Loss at Bionuu

With genetic testing at Bionuu, we gather information about your body’s makeup and create a weight loss plan according to your unique needs. From genetic testing, we can gain insights that will inform your weight loss strategies and guide your progress. From how your body responds to certain diets, like carb restriction or increased protein, to what type of exercises has maximum calorie burning effect for you, genetic testing is the key to an informed, successful weight loss journey.  Genetic testing is accompanied by customized meal plans and exercise schedule based on your results.

Weight Loss Solutions

Our clinic offers a range of effective treatment options to create a customized weight loss solution for your body, including:

  • Phentermine, an appetite suppressant shown to aid weight loss when used in combination with a diet and exercise plan. 
  • Lipostat injections to boost your metabolism. 
  • Vitamin injections to supplement your daily vitamin intake. 
  • Customized meal and exercise plans based on genetic test results.

We’ll work with you to find and combine treatments that are the right fit for your body. 

Hormone Treatment for Weight Loss

Stress, aging, medications, medical conditions, and lifestyle factors can impact your body’s hormone production. A hormone imbalance can trigger weight gain and thwart weight loss efforts, making hormone health an essential component of any well-rounded weight loss plan.

At Bionuu, we can evaluate hormone issues and work to balance your hormone levels for weight management. With our trusted hormone treatments, we’ll ensure that your weight loss plan has the best possible chance for success.

Lifestyle Changes for Long-Term Progress

Your habits and lifestyle choices can help or hinder your weight loss progress. At Bionuu, we offer advice on dietary changes, exercise regimens, stress management, and other lifestyle factors. By improving your overall wellbeing with a healthy, balanced lifestyle, we’ll ensure that your weight loss efforts are effective and lasting.

Our goal is to find answers to your weight loss concerns. No two people are alike, and we’ll find the right course of action for your body. To begin your weight loss journey, get in touch with our team today.