Retinol vs Tretinol

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This is a frequent question for many of us and here is the answer. Even though they are similar,
they are in fact different. Retinol is a precursor to Retin-A. Tretinol IS Retin-A. Retin-A is the
active ingredient that helps with wrinkle reduction and acne.
Retinol is OTC (over the counter) while Tretinol is by prescription only. As with all OTC
products, they are not as potent as their medical counterparts. This is the same with Retinol.
Also, depending on what it is mixed with, it could have additional benefits or hidden unwanted
Retinol conversion into Retin-A (retinoic acid) at skin level varies a great deal and results
naturally fluctuate with that rate of conversion.
Most Tretinol products if not all are now formulated to deliver the product slowly, which
reduces the incidence of side effects, including dryness and redness. You should still use it a
night and use a good quality SPF product every day, even when you are not outdoors.
Remember your hands, chest and neck when you apply SPF.
Sometimes Tretinol is simply too strong for some, so using Retinol would be a good start.
However, it is best to purchase your Retinol from a medical spa or retailer of medical grade
products as the ingredient’s quality is better and the products do not have the very high
percentage of preservatives present in the OTC products which need to be able to sit on shelves
for long times.
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