Reasons Not to Put Off Hormone Treatment

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All men and women experience changes in sexual hormones as they age, and often the symptoms of hormone changes are ignored. You may feel as though these symptoms are a normal part of life and something that you just have to cope with. However, there are a number of reasons not to put off getting hormone replacement therapy. Here are a few.

Heart Disease and Stroke

Your risk for heart disease and stroke are increased when estrogen levels begin to drop. Until menopause, women are at a lower risk of these than men. However, with dropping estrogen levels, your risk increases dramatically.


Losing estrogen can cause your bones to lose density and become brittle. You are more likely to have this risk if you already have lost some bone density to osteoporosis. If you want to minimize your risk of broken and weak bones, you will want to start hormone therapy as soon as possible.

Lead Poisoning

The lead that you are exposed to throughout your lifetime is stored in your bones. Because menopause breaks down the bones at a faster rate, the lead in your bones could be released into your body causing lead poisoning.

Urinary Incontinence

Taking estrogen hormone therapy will help you avoid urinary incontinence. Many women have issues with urge incontinence or stress incontinence as estrogen levels drop. Increasing estrogen through hormone replacement therapy may not cure your incontinence, but it will reduce symptoms dramatically.

If you are ready to start hormone replacement therapy, contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.