Prolozone is an injection  of a  liquid mixture containing vitamins, ocean minerals, nutrients, anti-inflammatory plus homeopathic products followed by ozone gas injection.  It stimulates local regeneration and healing of tissues, ligaments and cartilage, increases blood flow and healing and reduces inflammation and pain.  Ozone is boosting the oxygen in the tissues leading to regulation of cellular metabolism and accelerated healing.

The injections are virtually painless due to the anesthetic used in the injection.

Because of our clinic’s ability to add Colored IV Laser therapy to the Prolozone therapy, we are offering a truly one of a kind opportunity to address issues related to injuries, wear and tear, tissue and joint overuse and degenerative processes.  Red laser therapy is promoting local healing and reduces pain and inflammation. 

Sometimes only one treatment offers long term sustained relief of pain but more often 3-4 treatments once a week are required.  Severe condition will likely need a larger number of treatments.  Treatments take 30 minutes or more depending on how many areas are treated and if there are any local scarring, degeneration of the joint or an  other issues making the access more challenging..

Areas for Prolozone therapy: 

Knee joint
Ankle joint
Shoulder joint
Shoulder area
Lower back area
Upper back area
Feet and toes
Wrist area

Prolozone can help with:

Knee pain
Ankle pain
Shoulder pain
Upper and lower back pain
Scar pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Cubital tunnel syndrome
Feet neuromas
Plantar fasciitis
Herniated discs
Bunion pain
Ligament and cartilage injuries
Prolozone Bionuu