Prescription hair products

At Bionuu we work with Compounding Pharmacies to offer affordable prescription Hair products, like shampoo, conditioner and serums.

When it comes to hair growth, the best approach is to use several interventions.  We offer the LED photomodulation bed, Hormone Replacement and balancing treatments, diet and supplements personalized programs as well as scalp Microneedling using AnteAge serums with stem cell growth factors.  As part of your home program we recommend the Home AnteAge hair serum as well as prescription hair products (shampoo, conditioners, foam, serums). 

Prescription hair products can be expensive and not covered by insurance but we are able to offer it through compounding pharmacies with affordable prices.  These hair products contain vitamins that are believed to help hair growth as well as medications that have been proven to prevent hair loss.  Genetic tests from specialized labs are also available to identify which medicated hair product would be most beneficial for you.

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