Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) in the Greater Littleton & Highlands Ranch Area

Re-energize your body’s natural flow and improve cellular healing speeds with Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency therapy. At Bionuu, we offer PEMF to those who may benefit most from accelerated healing speeds beginning at the cellular level. Reach out now to schedule your first appointment or to learn more.

What Can PEMF Therapy Do?

PEMF has been shown to quicken the rate your body heals from injury, help combat illness, encourage sleep, minimize symptoms of depression, boost physical energy, assist with bone healing and density, and improve circulation.

How Does It Work?

PEMF therapy uses high-level electromagnetic waves to promote healthy cell growth within damaged tissues, bones, and organs. This therapy produces frequencies that penetrate the body and activate the cells’ energy. It is an effective way to achieve healing results without resorting to invasive solutions. The best news is, there are no known side effects of PEMF therapy.

Learn more about PEMF and how it may be able to benefit you by getting in touch with our team today. We proudly serve the residents of Highlands Ranch and Littleton as they seek the best possible treatment for their bodies — both inside and out. We look forward to seeing you in our facility soon.

We have several attachments to treat individual parts of the body or you can use the PEMF matt; a BEAMER-type attachment for treating the whole body.

$60 for 9 minutes (areas of the body can mix and match)  

Call for Package Pricing.

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