Ozone and COVID

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While we focus on disease treatment in our day to day medical interventions, we often lose sight of the fact that our bodies are the most effective tools that allow us to stay healthy and that we need to support them to function at maximum efficiency level.  Self-care is often seen as a luxury rather than a necessity.  The foods we eat, hormone and digestion balancing, enhancement of oxygen utilization, activity level, detoxification, stress management, spiritual health and meaningful relationships, a life purpose amongst others are all vital to our health and sense of well being.

This holds true when fighting COVID or any other infections.  Ozone is an excellent way of helping the body fight the infection through stimulating the cellular (tissue) non-specific and specific immune response.  This is the first line of defense when the body comes into contact with a pathogenic virus, bacteria protozoa or even cancer cells.  When this defense system is healthy, the body immediately reacts to kill the harming pathogen while we are not even aware this is happening!  We don’t feel sick and are unaware that anything happened.  We come into contact with countless pathogens on a daily basis  and the body’s defense system is elegantly and efficiently keeping us healthy.

Ozone is enhancing and balancing the body’s response to attacks by pathogenic bacteria or viruses, and specifically boosts our very important cellular (tissue) immune response very quickly.  We recommend it as an overall protection from infections, including COVID and the flu.  It could also help if the infection is already set in even though in this case the treatment needs to be more intense and accompanied by other treatment modalities.