Myth Busters: What You Thought You Knew About Perimenopause

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Unfortunately, many women in today’s society are completely clueless when it comes to menopause, and some may not even have heard the term perimenopause. But the truth is that perimenopause is the part of the process that women experience the most changes and symptoms. Here are some myths about perimenopause that you need to know.

Myth: You can no longer get pregnant.

Although your estrogen levels are continuously decreasing during perimenopause, your body is still producing enough hormones to allow you to become pregnant. If you are still otherwise able to conceive, you will be able to get pregnant all the way up to actual menopause. Some women believe they are in perimenopause when they are actually pregnant and vice versa.

Myth: You don’t get hot flashes until menopause.

In reality, you can start experiencing symptoms of menopause as soon as your estrogen levels decrease past certain levels. Some of the symptoms that perimenopausal women experience the most include:

  • Hot flashes (feeling hot or flushed for no apparent reason)
  • Night sweats (waking up in soaked sheets)
  • Irregular periods
  • Vaginal dryness or discomfort
  • Bladder issues or stress incontinence

Myth: Menopause starts in your early 50s.

Actually, women can start perimenopause as early as their mid-30s. There are a lot of factors that contribute to when you might start this change of life. Long-term use of certain medications, certain health conditions, or other factors can cause you to go through menopause earlier than the average woman.

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