Myth Busters: The Average Age of Women Going Through the Change

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There are a lot of misconceptions about perimenopause, menopause, and feminine health in general. Over the next few months, we’re going to address these myths and give you the facts about menopause.

Why am I having symptoms of menopause?

I’m not old enough for the change!

Only grandmas stop having periods.

If you have thought any of these things, you are operating under one of the biggest myths of menopause—that only gray haired women and grandmothers go through menopause.

In truth, the change starts with perimenopause, during which time you start experiencing symptoms and changes in your periods, until eventually they will stop altogether. In fact, “menopause” is actually the term for when your periods have completely stopped. Everything before that point is technically perimenopause, and perimenopause can hit as early as your mid-30s. 

Here are a few facts to dispel this myth.

The average age of the woman in menopause is 51. 

That means that, according to the Mayo Clinic, the average age of the women whose periods have completely stopped is 51. There are a lot of 51 year olds who are not grandmas or gray-haired!

The average age for women to start perimenopause is about four years before the end of periods.

That means that, for most women, the change actually starts as early as your mid-40s, and some women might experience symptoms of low estrogen before that. Some medications and medical conditions can affect estrogen levels as well.

Having symptoms of menopause? You might not be too young. Schedule an appointment today to learn more.