Photodynamic therapy Blue Light

Why IV Laser Blue light?

Color light. therapy has proven health effects that are specific to the light wavelength being used.  There are numerous studies on this subject as this therapy has been used in Russia for over 20 years and in European countries for over 10 years. 

At Bionuu we use the best IV Laser Blue Light on the market, Weberneedle, which utilizes a blue light wavelength of 405 and 447 nm.

  • reduces inflammation
  • anti-bacterial
  • reduces cholesterol, triglycerides and bilirubin
  • improved oxygen utilization in tissue
  • activates. telomerase (anti-aging effects)
  • increase NO (Nitric Oxide) production: blood vessel dilation, better micro circulation, lower blood pressure
  • wound healing
blue light therapy

                                                  What. to expect from Blue Photodynamic Therapy?

Blue light therapy can be done externally (shining the light on the skin), injected directly into the affected tissues, intra-articular and IV.  External application is effective for skin issues, such as acne but not so much for systemic action as it does not penetrate deep into the tissues. Injections directly into affected tissues help with local processes, such as injections into the muscles along the spine to help with local inflammation and pain.  The use of intra-articular (e.g knee) can make a big difference in reducing inflammation, increasing microcirculation and oxygenation, facilitating healing and repair.

The IV (intravenous or blood irradiation) photodynamic Blue Light Therapy is a systemic treatment for the whole body with several benefits: anti-inflammatory, improving cardiovascular diseases, anti-aging effects (activates telomerase), facilitates healing, helps diabetes and complications (neuropathy, decrease in microcirculation etc) and more.  Sessions are 30 min in length using the Weberneedle machine and special fiber optic catheters.  We recommend a frequency of 2-3 times a week for 2 months followed by taper down and maintenance therapy. 

Studies in Germany showed that IV Photodynamic Blue Light therapy is one of the best treatment for Lyme disease, with or without antibiotics. 

Photosensitizers  are. a way to potentiate the effect of the photodynamic therapy.

For IV Photodynamic Laser Therapy alone or in combination with other therapies we offer, call Bionuu today to schedule an appointment.