Hyperthermia therapy

Hyperthermia means simply an increase in temperature above normal values.  In Antroposophic Hospitals in Europe fever is used alone or with other modalities to treat illnesses including cancer.  Fever in treatment of cancer was tried after observations that some patients with cancer had spontaneous remissions after a febrile episode or that the risk of developing cancer appeared to be lower in populations that had febrile childhood illnesses.  Various methods were and are used including injecting heat killed bacteria, using Mistletoe injections or infusions, saunas or methods of increasing the local temperature in the area of the tumor using specialized equipment.  However, cancer is not the only area where hyperthermia could be helpful: pain, female pelvic floor disorders and benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) could benefit from hyperthermia therapy


Vaginal laxity due to childbirth and decreased estrogen and testosterone as we age often leads to urinary incontinence.  Reduced collagen and elastin can lead to loose vaginal tissue, significant loss of lubrication, and the inability to experience orgasm.  Weaker muscles in the pelvic floor causes urinary incontinence.

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By harnessing the power of heat, our radio-frequency device induces collagen production, vascularization and growth factor infiltration that revitalize and restore the elasticity and moisture of the vaginal mucosa.  Both stress incontinence and overactive bladder are relieved.  

Why use our treatments:

  • Non invasive procedures to improve vaginal and pelvic muscles health
  • Transfers over 700 times more energy into tissues  compared to wand-based RF devices
  • the applicator is completely non-invasive and covers the entire pelvic floor, genital and bladder opening area
  • the treatments are so powerful they can be administered through clothing
  • No down-time

The treatment takes 1 hour with no down-time and no need for numbing creams.

We recommend 4-8 treatments a week apart followed by maintenance every 6-8 months.   



BPHis a very common condition involving the enlargement of the prostate gland in men as they grow older.  It often leads to pain, problems urinating, night visits to the bathroom and sexual dysfunction.

There are available treatments to improve this condition, including medications, local ablation by introducing a probe into the prostate and surgical resection.  Medications can have significant side effects including decreased libido, erectile dysfunction (ED), cardio-vascular effects, depression, dizziness and fainting,, low blood pressure.   Local ablation using heating with microwaves by means of a probe inserted into the prostate can lead to local inflammation, need for a urinary catheter which could increase risk of urinary tract infection or even the need for a temporary stent and can be accompanied by pain during and after the procedure.

Local hyperthermia therapy is by contrast very mild, patient simply siting on the applicator pad for around 1 hour. The pad delivers heat into the prostate gland activating the immune system, increases the local blood flow in and around the prostate.  Over a series of treatments the prostate shrinks, normal urinary function is restored and catheterization is not necessary.

The skin is not affected by the treatment and although heating could be mildly uncomfortable it is easily addressed by moving the pad’s position or reducing the temperature.

We recommend 1-3 treatments one week apart followed by maintenance every 6-8 month



Many studies have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of deep tissue heating for pain relief.  Hyperthermia therapy has been evaluated for the treatment of arthritis, back pain, dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, rehab, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, OA (osteoarthritis) and more.  Hyperthermia treatment can provide a drug free, side effect free solution to chronic pain., 

During hyperthermia therapy, the local muscles heat up leading to an increase in local blood flow. This boosts nutrients and oxygen to the area and accelerates the removal of necrotic debris and excess fluids.  Deep heating increases the elasticity and the volume of collagen in the onetime tissue and modulates the pain relay by blocking the nerves that carry the pain signal to the brain.

Other benefits of hyperthermia therapy include:

  • activates the immune system to improve healing
  • stimulates fibroblast proliferation
  • accelerates endothelial proliferation
  • improves phagocytic activity 
  • relaxes the muscles
 At Bionuu we offer Hyperthermia Therapy for pain along with other modalities like ProlozonePEMF and colored IV laser therapy.  Hyperthermia therapy lasts 30 minutes and we recommend a series of 1-6 treatments one week apart followed by maintenance every 6-8 months.


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