Hormone Treatment Services in the Greater Littleton & Highlands Ranch Area

Rebalance your hormones, regain vitality and wellbeing

Aging, inevitable stress, disease, medications and less than optimal diet and activity level will slow down the body’s production and utilization of hormones below the youthful levels we all desire.  It it not just about looking good but about feeling good. We become “used” to the effects of low levels of various hormones and feel “this is life” . But it does not have to be this way.  We can help you feel energetic and vibrant again.

If you want to start feeling like yourself again, or even better, schedule your visit today.


How do I get started with hormone treatments?

First, we need to learn more about your symptoms, history, medications, stress levels and diet and activity levels. . After ordering a series of tests, we create a custom treatment to provide lasting results. We focus on long-term solutions to replace or support production of hormones in your body: estrogen, testosterone for men and women, adrenal glands, thyroid and more. 

What should I expect?

Balancing your hormones is not a “quick fix”.  Some symptoms will improve fairly quickly but most of the transformation will be slow and over a period of months.  The hormone “dance” is very complex and interconnected; sometimes unexpected side-effects need to be addressed.  If you want to achieve the results you seek, you need to be committed to life style and diet changes, reduce stress (yes, making those changes you do not want to think about), taking supplements to support your hormonal production and using  topical, oral or pellet hormone replacements

A note on pellet implants

When properly administered, pellets provide long-lasting and incredibly safe results. To this day, it remains the only delivery method that accurately mimics the purpose of the testicles and the ovaries in the body. There is no need to change patches, take pills, administer cream, or anything else. 

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