High Dose IV Vitamin C for Cancer

Bionuu offers High Dose Vitamin C infusions at affordable prices to help you fight cancer..  The Riordan intravenous vitamin C (IVC) protocol has been used safely for many years. The Riordan clinic has treated hundreds of cancer patients using the Riordan protocol and the Riordan Clinic Research Institute (RCRI) has been researching the potential of intravenous vitamin C therapy for over thirty years.

Why Vitamin C for cancer?

  • Plasma ascorbic acid (vitamin C)  concentrations in high range can be safely achieved with IVC infusions.
  • At high concentrations, ascorbate is toxic to cancer and kills cancer cells in vitro and is able to inhibit angiogenesis (new vessel formation) in vitro and in vivo.
  • Vitamin C can accumulate in tumors, with significant tumor growth inhibition
  • Published case studies report anti cancer efficacy, improved patient well-being, and decreases in markers of inflammation and tumor growth.
  • Phase I clinical studies indicate that IVC can be administered safely with relatively few adverse effects.
  • reduces free radicals
  • dietary supplements cannot achieve he same level of ascorbic acid in blood.

Who can benefit from High Dose IV Vitamin C?

Candidates include those who have failed standard treatment regimens; those seeking to improve the effectiveness of their standard cancer therapy; those seeking to decrease the severity of side effects from standard cancer therapy; those attempting to prolong their remission with health-enhancing strategies; those declining standard treatment, yet wishing to pursue primary, alternative treatment. All types of cancer could benefit from High dose Vitamin C, solid tumors, blood cancers or metastases.

How is it done?

There are some medical exclusions and/or relative contraindications.  

Lab work and review of medical records is needed prior to starting the protocol.  

The doses of Vitamin C vary and  are established based on the blood level of Vitamin C achieved after the administration of the prior IV Vitamin C.

The length of each infusion depends on the dose of the Vitamin C and how it is tolerated but expect 1.5-2 hours.  Please eat prior to your infusion and drink plenty of fluids.

The protocol is usually administered twice a week, in rare cases three times a week.  Duration is usually 3 months followed by. a taper and monthly maintenance.