Genetic Testing for Fitness

This program looks at genes that are related to 4 major categories: Mental & Physical Foundation; Training Response; Fuel Utilization, and Recovery & Risk for Injury. Some of the results are directly related to your cardiovascular and strength foundation and “trainability”—what types of exercise suit your genotype best. Some results are related to how to optimize your training by way of fueling, recovery, and risk management. Other results are relevant because they can affect your motivation and behaviors that support your workouts and training.

Genetic testing used by some of the professional training coaches will help you choose the best, most effective way to achieve and maintain a high fitness level. The results can show if you are inclined to power or endurance sports, how well your body responds to cardiovascular training, your potential level of strength, capacity of blood volume in your heartbeat, potential testosterone levels, how effective you utilize protein in your diet and if you are prone to muscle or bone injuries.