Why Hormone Therapy Is Important for Men

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Menopause used to be a taboo subject, but now it is talked about so much that even men know that women need hormones at a certain stage in life. But these same men don’t realize that hormones play an important role in their own physical and sexual health.

In fact, many men also experience a decrease in sexual hormones as they age. While some men can have high testosterone levels into their upper 70s, most men start to see a decline in this hormone starting in their 40s. The decrease might be slow at first, and you might not see it as a real problem for a decade or more after the symptoms first start.


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Why Women Don’t Know About Perimenopause

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Did your mother talk to you about perimenopause? Probably not. Most women currently going through perimenopause had mothers who just didn’t talk about feminine reproductive health. Their mothers didn’t tell them either, so they may not have had the information to give. 

Our mothers and grandmothers lived in a much different time — a time when women were supposed to be ashamed and tried to hide when they were on their period. It was a time when talking about anything related to sex or genitals was considered so taboo you couldn’t even talk about it privately with your daughter.


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How You Can Boost Your Immune System with IV Therapies

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When you get a cold, your go-to home remedy is likely going to include orange juice. Vitamin C has long been known to boost the immune system and allow you to fight off minor illness and infections like the common cold, but there are a lot of arguments about the best way to get vitamin C and other nutrients that can improve the immune system’s performance. 

A great option is IV therapies. IV therapies work best for giving you a big dose of nutrients because they go directly into your bloodstream where the nutrients can be carried to needed areas of the body. If you take an oral vitamin supplement, you lose a lot of the benefit through the digestive process. Here are three IV therapies that you can get to boost your immune system.


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Causes and Solutions for Female Hair Loss

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It isn’t talked about much, but women are almost as likely to experience pattern baldness as men. In fact, about a third of women will experience significant hair loss, usually beginning at the onset of menopause. There can be several different potential causes for female hair loss, and there are a few different treatment options available.

Causes of Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female hair loss can be caused by:

  • Hormone changes, such as with menopause or thyroid issues
  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Medical conditions
  • Side effects of medications
  • Physical or emotional stress

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Eliminate Your Double Chin or Waddle with Kybella

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It is unfortunate, but some women have a natural disposition to a double chin. You may appear to have a double chin in old photos, even if you were not overweight in the least. If you have gained weight or grown in age, that double chin or neck waddle could have gotten rather problematic.

Thankfully, you don’t have to live with a double chin or waddle any longer. There are a number of cosmetic treatments available to treat double chin, including surgical options. However, if your double chin is not severely pronounced, a minimally invasive treatment may be sufficient.


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Reasons Not to Put Off Hormone Treatment

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All men and women experience changes in sexual hormones as they age, and often the symptoms of hormone changes are ignored. You may feel as though these symptoms are a normal part of life and something that you just have to cope with. However, there are a number of reasons not to put off getting hormone replacement therapy. Here are a few.

Heart Disease and Stroke

Your risk for heart disease and stroke are increased when estrogen levels begin to drop. Until menopause, women are at a lower risk of these than men. However, with dropping estrogen levels, your risk increases dramatically.


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Chemical Peels Vs. Microneedling: Choosing the Best Option for You

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When you want to pamper yourself and your skin, there are many options from which to choose. From facials to chemical peels to more aggressive anti-aging treatments, there is something out there for everyone. Both chemical peels and microneedling help to clear the skin and refresh its health and youth. Here is what you need to know about these two procedures to choose the right one for you.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are one way to exfoliate the skin, which cleans it and also gives it a fresh new look. The chemicals are painted onto the face for a brief time. Afterwards, within a day or two your skin will start peeling. This cleans the pores very well. The peeling also clears away dead and dull skin and triggers the body’s natural healing response so that a new, fresh, youthful layer of skin takes form. Chemical peels are great for reducing the signs of aging and giving your skin a new lease on life. (more…)

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Why One Weight Loss Program Doesn’t Work for Everyone

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Have you tried a lot of different diet programs without success? Maybe you were able to lose weight, but gained it back within the first year. This happens to a lot of people, and the reason is simple. Every person is different. And because of that, what works for one person may not work for another. The fad diets that are out there may not work for everyone. Instead, lasting weight loss requires a more personal approach.

Health Conditions

You may have some health conditions that affect your ability to lose weight. When you have diabetes, thyroid disorders, or other metabolic disorders, it can make it very difficult to lose weight. You will need a weight loss plan that takes these factors into consideration and counteracts them so that you can lose weight slowly and gradually. (more…)

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