Cancer diagnosis, what is your next step?

We are here to help you fight cancer and regain your health and quality of life.  If you are looking for adjunct cancer treatment, weather you go through surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, Bionuu can help. 

Conventional therapy is improving continuously and so is the area of adjunct treatments.  Choosing the treatment that feels right for YOU is a very personal decision.  We are here to assist, support  and guide you.

At Bionuu we offer treatment options that can significantly increase your chances of achieving a cure and greatly diminish the difficult side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation.  We believe in engaging your body, mind and spirit as a whole to help your recover.

An informative documentary on adjunct cancer treatment is “Cancer can be killed”


Used as under the skin injection (SC), IV infusion or intra-tumoral (IT), Mistletoe has a lot of evidence of being effective in fighting cancer and improving quality. of life..

High dose IV Vitamin C

IV Vitamin C in high doses can kill cancer cells and helps with the cancerous micro -environment in the body.  We are following the Riordan Clinic protocol.

IV Ozone

IV Ozone increases oxygen levels in blood and tissues, increases oxygen utilization and repairs mitochondrial function. Lack of oxygen can transform normal cells into cancerous cells. Ozone stimulates body’s immune cells so they can kill cancerous cells

Energy Medicine

Rife machine, MWO (Multi Wave Oscillator) and LED biophotomodulation bed.

Read “The Cure that worked” for a look at energy medicine therapy for cancer.

We now offer local Hyperthermia (also known as heat treatment, heat ablation).  Please review our Hyperthermia Therapy page for more information.  

Several other IV treatments can be considered including Curcumin and Resveratrol.  Schedule a consultation to find out which treatment modalities could be beneficail to your treatment.

Supplements for cancer

Figuring out which supplements, how often, how much  to take can be confusing and complicated.  Find out what you need to know and take when you fight cancer. We make it easy.