Boost Your Mood with One of These Relaxing and Therapeutic Facials

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In this uncertain time, it’s unsurprising that many of us feel worn down. If you’re struggling with a low mood, consider visiting Bionuu for one of our many advanced facial treatments. You’ll walk away feeling refreshed with brighter, healthier-looking skin. Plus, the benefits of our relaxing facials will linger long after the treatment itself, providing you with a bump of confidence every time you look in the mirror. 

Therapeutic Facial Options

PCA Facials

Many PCA facials are available here at Bionuu to improve your mood, bolster your self-care routine, and give your skin a natural glow. The PCA facial varieties that we offer include:

  • PCA Clarify Facial with Salicylic Acid Mask
  • PCA Retexturize Facial with Pumpkin Enzyme
  • PCA Detoxify Facial with Charcoal Mask
  • PCA Revitalize Facial with Papaya Enzyme
  • PCA Hydrate Facial with Oat Milk Mask

Ultrasound Facials

Our ultrasound facials use ultrasound waves at 25 to 27 Khz to gently treat the skin. The ultrasound waves go deep into the skin and improve circulation, collagen production, and cell turnover. Ultrasound facials also act as a deep pore-cleansing treatment, so you’ll notice instantly smaller pores.

After your ultrasound facial, any cosmetic product can be more effectively absorbed into the skin, so lather on your favorite skincare product. Your skin will soak up all of the nutrients for deep hydration and a refreshed glow. 

Microcurrent Facials

Microcurrent facials stimulate the skin using low-voltage electricity. This prompts the skin to produce new, healthy skin cells and refreshes your complexion. Additionally, a microcurrent facial will increase collagen production and circulation in your skin, helping your skin heal from the inside out. 

The microcurrent technology will put you into a brighter, more energized mood by tightening and lifting the facial muscles. You’ll soon see the positive effects of the facial on your skin, and the results are long-lasting. 

LED Facials

LED facials use red and blue wavelengths to enhance the look and feel of your skin. By penetrating every layer of the skin, the wavelength technology can help with multiple skin care concerns, including inflammation, acne-causing bacteria, and signs of aging. Your LED facial will soothe the skin, leaving it looking healthier and rejuvenated. 

Contact Bionuu today to schedule your appointment for one of our therapeutic facials. 

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