Ozone and COVID

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While we focus on disease treatment in our day to day medical interventions, we often lose sight of the fact that our bodies are the most effective tools that allow us to stay healthy and that we need to support them to function at maximum efficiency level.  Self-care is often seen as a luxury rather than a necessity.  The foods we eat, hormone and digestion balancing, enhancement of oxygen utilization, activity level, detoxification, stress management, spiritual health and meaningful relationships, a life purpose amongst others are all vital to our health and sense of well being.

This holds true when fighting COVID or any other infections.  Ozone is an excellent way of helping the body fight the infection through stimulating the cellular (tissue) non-specific and specific immune response.  This is the first line of defense when the body comes into contact with a pathogenic virus, bacteria protozoa or even cancer cells.  When this defense system is healthy, the body immediately reacts to kill the harming pathogen while we are not even aware this is happening!  We don’t feel sick and are unaware that anything happened.  We come into contact with countless pathogens on a daily basis  and the body’s defense system is elegantly and efficiently keeping us healthy.


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Causes and Solutions for Hair Loss in Women

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Have you started noticing more hair on your hairbrush? Did you just wash your hair and come away with a handful after wringing it out? These things can be alarming, especially to women who pride themselves on their long, luxurious hair. If you are concerned about losing your hair, you need to take a look at these solutions.

What causes hair loss in women?

Hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, some of which can be controlled and some of which cannot. The most common causes of hair loss in women are:


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Myth Busters: What You Thought You Knew About Menopause

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How much did your mother tell you about menopause? Chances are, she didn’t tell you much, if she talked about it at all. The people now entering menopause were raised by parents who considered such topics taboo and would never have even considered broaching such an uncouth topic.

Unfortunately, that means that most women have no idea what to really expect during menopause. When you only see it portrayed in fiction, television, and movies, you can’t possibly have a realistic view of this period in your life. Here are some things you probably thought you knew that are completely wrong, and what you can actually expect.


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Myth Busters: What You Thought You Knew About Perimenopause

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Unfortunately, many women in today’s society are completely clueless when it comes to menopause, and some may not even have heard the term perimenopause. But the truth is that perimenopause is the part of the process that women experience the most changes and symptoms. Here are some myths about perimenopause that you need to know.

Myth: You can no longer get pregnant.

Although your estrogen levels are continuously decreasing during perimenopause, your body is still producing enough hormones to allow you to become pregnant. If you are still otherwise able to conceive, you will be able to get pregnant all the way up to actual menopause. Some women believe they are in perimenopause when they are actually pregnant and vice versa.


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Causes and Solutions for Male Pattern Baldness

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If you have started to notice that your hair is thinning or not growing as thick as it once did, you might be concerned about the future of your appearance. There are a lot of hair loss solutions being marketed all the time, but most of them aren’t worth a penny. Here are the more common causes of male baldness and our available treatments to bring your hair back to a full head.

What is male pattern baldness, really?

Male pattern baldness is usually hereditary and caused by a decrease of androgens, a male sexual hormone. The androgens are partly responsible for hair growth; and if that hormone is imbalanced, it could cause additional and rapid hair loss. Since hair loss can also occur for other reasons, your doctor or aesthetician will examine your scalp and hair and take a complete medical history. If it is male pattern baldness, you may be able to get some hair growth back with our treatment.


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Myth Busters: The Average Age of Women Going Through the Change

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There are a lot of misconceptions about perimenopause, menopause, and feminine health in general. Over the next few months, we’re going to address these myths and give you the facts about menopause.

Why am I having symptoms of menopause?

I’m not old enough for the change!

Only grandmas stop having periods.

If you have thought any of these things, you are operating under one of the biggest myths of menopause—that only gray haired women and grandmothers go through menopause.


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Why Hormone Therapy Is Important for Men

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Menopause used to be a taboo subject, but now it is talked about so much that even men know that women need hormones at a certain stage in life. But these same men don’t realize that hormones play an important role in their own physical and sexual health.

In fact, many men also experience a decrease in sexual hormones as they age. While some men can have high testosterone levels into their upper 70s, most men start to see a decline in this hormone starting in their 40s. The decrease might be slow at first, and you might not see it as a real problem for a decade or more after the symptoms first start.


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Why Women Don’t Know About Perimenopause

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Did your mother talk to you about perimenopause? Probably not. Most women currently going through perimenopause had mothers who just didn’t talk about feminine reproductive health. Their mothers didn’t tell them either, so they may not have had the information to give. 

Our mothers and grandmothers lived in a much different time — a time when women were supposed to be ashamed and tried to hide when they were on their period. It was a time when talking about anything related to sex or genitals was considered so taboo you couldn’t even talk about it privately with your daughter.


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How You Can Boost Your Immune System with IV Therapies

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When you get a cold, your go-to home remedy is likely going to include orange juice. Vitamin C has long been known to boost the immune system and allow you to fight off minor illness and infections like the common cold, but there are a lot of arguments about the best way to get vitamin C and other nutrients that can improve the immune system’s performance. 

A great option is IV therapies. IV therapies work best for giving you a big dose of nutrients because they go directly into your bloodstream where the nutrients can be carried to needed areas of the body. If you take an oral vitamin supplement, you lose a lot of the benefit through the digestive process. Here are three IV therapies that you can get to boost your immune system.


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Causes and Solutions for Female Hair Loss

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It isn’t talked about much, but women are almost as likely to experience pattern baldness as men. In fact, about a third of women will experience significant hair loss, usually beginning at the onset of menopause. There can be several different potential causes for female hair loss, and there are a few different treatment options available.

Causes of Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female hair loss can be caused by:

  • Hormone changes, such as with menopause or thyroid issues
  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Medical conditions
  • Side effects of medications
  • Physical or emotional stress

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