Anti Aging Clinic

Anti Aging Clinic

What is the aging process anyway?

Currently, the aging process is widely considered to be natural and inevitable. However, there is evidence that this may not be completely true. At the very least, it’s possible to achieve a life expectancy that’s significantly higher than the average lifespan today, without losing a “normal” level of bodily function. 

While the average life expectancy has increased over the course of history, the number of years in which we function optimally has decreased. This means that we “feel good” and are able to live independently for fewer years than our parents even though we live longer.  While our lives are longer, we’re more likely to become incapacitated and suffer from disabling conditions. 

To fight this trend, it’s time to focus on the anti-aging benefits of medication, IV ozone and energy medicine . By working towards optimal health and wellness in your younger years, you’ll prepare your body for a smooth transition into older age.

 What’s “Normal” in the aging process?

The question of whether aging is a normal process or a disease has long been debated. In truth, the aging process can be managed in many different ways. 

For instance, consider the comb jellyfish. This jellyfish can regenerate its brain in just four days. Or, look at the Turritopsis jellyfish, which can regenerate into a younger version of itself while afflicted by disease or trauma, making it virtually immortal. 

Consider the Bacillus F found alive after 3.5 million years in permafrost. It’s now considered to be the silver bullet in the fight against aging, with remarkable anti-aging properties. The Bacillus F has even been shown to allow elderly mice to give birth. 

Studies on these natural exclusions to the aging process are still underway. It will be a long, long time before we can benefit from the anti-aging methods of the Turritopsis jellyfish or the Bacillus F. But, there are several interventions that you can partake in now to curb the aging process. 

Our Anti-Aging services

We’re here to help you live your life at your full potential..  After all, we spend most of our lives NOT being young.  Benefits you will experience from our services are increased energy and vitality, better memory and concentration, less pain, improvements in chronic illness, better vision and hearing, increase in scalp hair density,  avoiding premature skin aging, and other signs of aging, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, amongst others.  A youthful appearance, a sharp mind and a limber, pain-free body give confidence and happiness at any age.   Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.