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What are you looking for?  Below is a brief.guide to our services based on your goals.

I want to improve medical conditions….

Cardiac disease, Hypertension, Vascular disease, Diabetes and complications, Tinnitus, Vision problems, Macular Degeneration, Memory and concentration, Multiple sclerosis, Autoimmune disease, Parkinson’s, Fatigue, Lyme disease, Pain, Fibromyalgia, Shortness of breath, Weight gain, Sleep, Help fight infections.

These services can help: IV therapy formulasHRT (hormone replacement therapy),  IV Ozone or local ozone treatments,  Rife, MWOPEMF and BEMERIV color laserLED photobiomodulation bed therapy

I am healthy, I want to stay healthy….

Improve Memory and Focus, Great Energy, better Exercise tolerance, young Skin, Hair growth, Weight management, Hormone replacement, Anti Aging, maximum Physical performance, Fight Infections.

These services can help: IV therapy formulas, IV NAD+IV Ozone therapy,  HRT (hormone replacement therapy),  Rife machineMWOBiophoton machine, LED photobiomodulation bed therapyMedical EstheticsIV color laserWeight managementHair loss treatmentsPEMF and BEMER

I want to manage aging….

Memory and Focus, Vision, Macular Degeneration, Tinnitus, young Skin, Hair loss, General appearance, Hormone balancing and replacement (HRT), manage Medical conditions, Maximize Energy, improved Performance, Pain.

These services can help: IV therapy formulas,  IV NAD+IV Ozone therapy, HRT (hormone replacement therapy)Rife machineMWOLED photobiomodulation bed therapyMicroneedling for face and hair with Ante-Age, KybellaIV color laser therapy , Rapamycin,  MetforminPEMF and BEMER therapy

I am fighting cancer and I want….

Adjunctive effective treatments, Minimize side-effects and improve effectiveness
of chemotherapy and radiation, Improve energy and wellbeing, improve treatment outcomes.

These services can help: Mistletoe injections or IVHigh dose IV vitamin C,  heat (local hyperthermia) therapy,  targeted Supplements, IV Ozone therapyRife machine,  MWO.BEMER therapy.

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